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v1.1.11.8 - November 8, 2018

Github Source

1552 Added neo4j data volume to docker-compose dea666fad 
1523 Update 'healthcheck' tests d42df297c 
1546 Add special rule extension. Add check that tests always leave clean switches 2f6aca7e0 
1553 Fix running unit tests for functional-tests module ab164923a 
1550 Fix missed wait wrappers in functional-tests 82ab7cfed 
1547 Add missing profile requirement in test c5af90d00 
1525 Fixed incorrect record sorting on isl page 2d4e63a3b 
1535 Add new error handler with improved error output fdf4a12ee 
1535 Added internal Wrappers test and a readme file explaining new package 6d89f2744 
1535 Rethought how Wrappers wait method works. Refactored assertions 1cf4e6792 
1536 Added random part to flow name to prevent flows with the same name b87851ae2 
1473 Add tests to verify flow is rerouted when switch or ISL fails bf42bd932 
1544 Added contraints for kilda_admin role on gui 96ce7e3d8 
1544 Fix database scripts : - to remove "admin" user and to update "app admin" to admin user - to assign "Kilda_Admin" role with all permissions In the system 44f4b99b3 
1540 Fix Floodlight checkstyle. 631e3c9bd 
1537 Fix Messaging checkstyle. d0d96d3a0 
1506 Remove unrelated tests and POCs 4faa6273a 
1505 Remove unused service topologies 7710f3dab 
1504 Remove unused lcm tools 061bf1708 
1538 Squash kibana integration commits b4afa958e 
1522 Parameterize FL command queue length 964487e26 
1517 Fix Floodlight-modules checkstyle 2a536d710 
1516 Fix ATDD checkstyle e7f36d4bd 
1515 Fix Messaging checkstyle. a09792052 
1514 Fix PCE checkstyle 1b3083310 
1513 Fix NB checkstyle 8465e41e8 
1507 Collect storm exceptions b2557be98 
1499 Changed the way mininet knocks out switch 6beffa8be 

v1.1.10.30 - October 30, 2018

Github Source

1397 TrivialFix Moved floodlight exceptions to 'error' package 201615ce9 
1297 Add API guidelines 140f02a56 
1509 Adding feature to display Discrepancy in Flows - If data is coming from link store and there is some discrepancy in data then on list flows it will display the red color border on left side of row - In case of discrepancy alert icon will be displayed on flow detail screen - There will be a discrepancy tab which shows the details of discrepancy. 0189a0150 
1277 Multi FL designd65ef50fc 
1460 PCE exclude subgraph design cb9b83510 
1498 Downgraded neo4j-driver version to <1.7.0 daa7a7bf4 
1419 Syncronize ISL discovery messages in FL 29cb07132 
1489 adding notification in flow screen if link store is not working 0bda4106f 
1489 Flow from controller in case of integration failure 07d8c31a9 
1489 checkstyle issue fix 002c65eea 
1489 adding some fixes for flow detail display with link store data 1106dc239 
1489 Changing some validation on link store configuration 619642ce2 
1489 Adding feature to fetch flows from link store - API to get flows from link store is integrated - Added filters to filter flows based on state if link store is configured - Added button to delete the link store configuration from settings c1c1294c2 
1489 Adding link store integration API's *To get all flows from store * To Delete link store configuration from settings f497028a6
1496 Tweaked some waits and timeouts in tests for better stability¬† ea625b940 
1495 Delete monkey test suite from atdd-staging d230cf9db 
1480 Add test to verify default rules are installed on a new switch 19656bfa4 
1477 1475: Added preparation test as a healthcheckj for the whole test suite 0657a5828 
1463 Add test to verify flow is 'Down' when disconnecting src/dst switch fb916a818 
1461 fixed some TODOs fe6b20ca0 

v1.1.10.25 - October 29, 2018

Github Source

1488 One-switch flow: fixed validation, code review comments e6981e843 
1488 Fixed removing one-switch single port flow and fixed junit tests d2bfe5bf0 
1488 Removed TER 07a8be5b8 
1488 Added test for single switch single port case (different vlans) 6b9f9dcce 
1488 Added FlowCrudSpec for all unique combinations of happy-path flows 8260ddb5e 
1488 Added possibility to create one-switch flow for the same port 89ca4a33d 
1490 Removed TER from atdd-staging dba478a9b 
1440 Added FlowCrudSpec for all unique combinations of happy-path flows c1236456e 
1450 Move topology.yaml to src/test/resources dir in functional tests 0624ae5f6 
1360 Clean-up checkstyle suppressions d2cf5ef61 
1360 Remove private kafka-producer in PathVerificationService a8fb736b0 
1360 Convert KafmaMessageConsumer from FL module into FL service cf4a22d31 
1399 Enable FL access logging 1067cab55 
1457 Add test to verify flow is 'Down' when disconnecting switch 546dbd4af 
1452 Make kafka encoder/decoder bolts shared 3243bdb9d 
1445 Remove unused SwitchInfoExtendedData object 47ef52b32

v1.1.10.23 - October 23, 2018

Github Source

1476Fixed deletion link props bb3ff02d6
1439Changed workdir for GUI efb05f6fe
1470Get rid of TER in functional-tests 7050f92c1
1469Fixed issue with incorrect response for sync rules and delete link props a1cb6b87e
1458Fixed switches' rules synchronization 8dbf8b639
405#405: Fixed checkstyle issues + minor refactoring 48840a572
1430Use correct logger object in abstract bolts d232d5d8b
1432Added ability to create random torus topology in mininet a23a3f161
1429#1264: gRPC client initial diagram and documentation fe37d5f53
1425Added test that preemptively removes a flow bfb19e82c
1425Ignore throttling test due to instability d7b6d85a8
1420Added test permutations for all unique switch descriptions e030f864f
1364Resolve circular dependencies in FL modules b43a63a4a
405#405: Address code review comments dfa2a8963
405#405: Refactored FeatureToggles, removed deprecated code, fixed tests 415f00faa
405#405: Refactored Flow service/Flow Controller to work with async requests 105f94ea9
405#405: Refactored Link and Switch services 7a4002cdb
405#405: Address code review comments 0ca2ee35e
405#405: Fixed code review comments 21d616b89
405#405: Fixed error handling and timeouts + refactoring 6fa34740a
405#405: Fixed code review comments c6eea9c87
405#405: renamed basic messaging channel component in NB 1bc145d8c
405#405: Implemented async request processing in NB f3ba13384

v1.1.10.4 - October 8, 2018

Github Source

1431Fixed otsdb property in tests 6492630
1387Removed empty checkAndCreateTopic method from wfm eeffc2f
1410Tests: Moved otsdb protocol to config, added some javadocs b038bf0
1410Added more OTSDB tests 9702e88
1410Added OTSDB test example 5c6a1f7
1426Changed default ISL discovery timeout 17350e8
1413Removed manual extra_auth check dc06dde
1412Fix checkstyle for Floodlight modules project 57c9b32
1396Fix missed hard-coded test timeouts in functional tests ab7f40f
1411Fix checkstyle for Messaging project b0eaddf
1385Fixed issue with deleting meter with -1 id b90e1ef
1390Fix checkstyle for PCE project 9cdfc39
1188Validate switches for existing on create flow c106296

REQUIRED - 0.9.0 - Jan 08

  • 05: Operations - Consildate logging into something like an ELK stack (Issue #107)
  • 05: Evolve ATDD test stages - atdd-sim (simulator), and move/add ATs
  • 03: Add AT - Resilience Test - speaker outage (network partition) - light load, heavy load (document bugs)
  • 03: Add AT - Resilience Test - speaker bounce (restart) - light load, heavy load (document bugs)
  • 05: Add AT - Resilience Test - storm topology LCM
  • 05: Evolve ATDD test stages - atdd-perf (perf tests) (does not count the production scale test)
  • 05: Add AT - Perf Test - stress test at "production" scale - 200 switches, 400 flows, small health check intervals (1s) .. metrics (queues, logs, resources)
  • 05: Evolve ATDD test stages - atdd-staging (real switches)
  • 05: Evolve ATDD test stages - atdd-prod (smoke tests)
  • 03: Evolve ATDD test stages - atdd-virtual (containers) (cleanup / reduces set vs simulator ATs) ==> 44

DESIRED 0.9.1 - Jan 29

  • 05: Refactor Topologies - have the unit tests leverage the junit / mock environment (working in tandom with externalize business logic into libraries)
  • 02: Representative production deployment picture
  • 03: Add AT - Troubleshooting - validate FLOW deployment status updates through CLI
  • 03: Health Check Improvements - validate the logic of when health checks are sent, honoring policies, etc. (Issue #85)
  • 05: Specify key troubleshooting use cases for 1.0 and implement through CLI (implementation tasks as separate items)
  • 03: Integration Testing with external ISL Filter
  • 02: Path Verification Improvements - handlePacketIn (Issue #65)
  • 03: Add At - Re-route verificiation through simulator, virtual, staging
  • 05: Refactor Bolts - move logic to library classes
  • 05: Refactor Message Passing (ie generalize CLI mechanisms, correlation ID) - eg add common base class, add SRC, Response Requested, etc.
  • 05: Refactor Topologies - Message paths / leverage new features in refactored Messaging.
  • 05: Refactor Topologies - eliminate boilerplate mechanisms in topology body, leveraging fluent style ==> 46


  • 03: Flow Stats API - exercise through acceptance tests
  • 03: Confirm during 'make unit' that components are wired together properly
  • 05: Latency Statistics
  • 05: Topology Statistics (up/down)
  • 10: Data Path Validation ==> 26

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